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This Will Be War: Louisiana Secession

Quick Details

Clock Start time: TBD

Hour Glass Duration: 5 hours


Learn About the Louisiana Secession

Before the war broke out between the North and South, 11 states seceded from the United States of America in 1861. This one-of-its-kind tour lays out the events leading up to the secession of Louisiana, the act of seceding, as well as the actions that followed. As you travel from New Orleans to Baton Rouge, Nic Clark leads the narrative while you visit historically significant locations such as the Old State Capitol and old Pentagon Barracks.

This tour puts you in the same building and room where Louisiana lawmakers debated secession and ultimately cast the vote to leave the Union on January 26, 1861. This vote set Louisiana down the path to war.

The tour begins with an opening reception with a complimentary continental breakfast and historical information setting the stage for the events that led up to Louisiana leaving the Union. Following breakfast and our introduction, the tour begins walking through the streets of Baton Rouge from the Old State Capital up to the Pentagon Barracks and Old U.S. Arsenal, stopping along the way to learn about the events surrounding the capture of the arsenal by Louisiana militia. We then return to the Old State Capital for a tour of that site, followed by a talk within the old House Chamber to learn about the debate for and against secession.

Along with historical information and site visits, there are door prizes for those on the tour, which are all complimentary.

There is no secured/designated parking for this tour. You can find parking either on the street, in a parking lot, or in a nearby garage.